Ultra Miami will not be held in 2021

Repeating the same situation as in 2020, the iconic Ultra Miami festival will once again postpone its 2021 edition due to COVID-19.

March 2020. COVID-19 threatened the music industry. The first weekend of March was the last of enjoyment (except for specific cases) for all fans of electronic music. Ultra Miami announced the cancellation of its event for 2020 and all the foundations began to shake. If the quintessential festival that opened the year's festival season was canceled, everyone would go his own way. So it was, and after 12 months the situation recurs again.

In the middle of the third wave in Europe and with the US subjected to the virus in most of all states, Ultra postpones its event again for the second time in a row in 2022. The lack of information on their social networks and the slowness with which mass vaccination progresses they made to the idea that it could not be celebrated. The city of Miami would have requested to move the event to the days March 25, 26 and 27, 2022, according to account Billboard.

These are difficult times for the Ultra brand. After several location issues at both its main and secondary venues in recent years, not being able to celebrate Ultra Miami for the second year in a row is a economic and hierarchical blow. We must not forget, yes, that Ultra always rises from its ashes. When no one expected him, he surprised us all with a Road to Ultra Taiwan that gave hope to the whole world. Will they do it again? UltraTaiwan (not Road to) is also planned for 2021.

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