Ushuaïa Ibiza and Hï Ibiza confirmed that they're 'Better Together'

We attended the reopening of Ushuaïa Ibiza and Hï Ibiza with the Better Together event, the most expected opening by electronic music fans.

Better Together was presented as a new concept in which two clubs come together under the same party, one during the daytime at Ushuaïa and then in Ibiza throughout the night and well into the morning. After 2 years without opening both clubs they wanted to do it in a big way and who knows if creating a new unified party trend.

Apart from the euphoria generated by the great line up, they had the best surprises prepared for us for the night, when the schedules were published we saw 6 hours of Paco Osuna, a Spanish reference in the world techno scene. Three hours closing the Club room and another 3 hours in the Theater room to close the party.

The day accompanied, towards sunshine and a perfect temperature to enjoy the best electronic music. We agreed to Ushuaïa about 17:00 p.m. find us at the stage kolsch. The Danish is unique in his style and anyone who follows him knows what we are talking about, always accompanied by his hat, he gives us his melodies which move you and you just have to close your eyes and enjoy the sound.

Barely letting us breathe, it was time to Artbat. The Ukrainian duo was proposed as one of the main dishes of the daytime part of Ushuaïa and it didn't disappoint. The kings of the most melodic techno house will be talked about as expected, they sweep their sets wherever they go and this time we confirm the reason for their great success. They marked a set with several of their best known songs and together with the energy and desire to have a great time of the attendees, it's not necessary to say anything more; simply amazing.

At 20:00 it was time for the «live» sets, also one of the most expected moments for a large part of the ravers, since seeing how the dj takes out his skill and chooses track after track as he sees fit is a authentic work of art for the ears. Stephan Bodzin has its own melodic style that doesn't leave anyone who appreciates electronic music unnoticed. He's considered one of the ambassadors of current German techno. He gave us a set full of melodies that come to move, creating a magical atmosphere during the set.

As the day session closed and almost without realizing how much time had passed, Paul Kalkbrenner took over the stage.. The German has been characterized during his career by his live sets. It wasn't going to be less for this great event since it's a great showcase for the great season that it's coming. He complemented mythical tracks from his albums by all expected with new discoveries of melodic techno house tracks.

Around 23:XNUMX we took a break to have dinner and recharge our batteries, the afternoon had been magical but now it was time for the freshest techno house and the most underground and forceful techno in the club room of Hï Ibiza. Leaving Ushuaïa you could see the long queue of people waiting to enter Ibiza, people who wouldn't have attended the event in the afternoon but we're sure that most of them joined one party with another.

We joined about 1:XNUMX directly to see Chris Liebing, we love the German DJ and on few occasions have we been able to enjoy his techno, always energetic on decks, he knows how to take the public where he wants; you could see a room full of people jumping and enjoying the most underground techno to the beat of the drum.

At 2:XNUMX, it was the turn of Adam Beyer, one of our favorite djs and one for whom we have traveled this weekend to Ibiza. The Swede began his session with songs from a new record and alternated with the new hits from the label Drumcode, anyone who follows this genre could enjoy the best and new tracks of this label with the amazing sound of la Club, pure auditory spectacle. Not a pin entered the room and it seemed that no one moved from their place until the set was over.

After Beyer's session, which passed us by in a sigh, came Charlotte De Witte. The Belgian and queen of acid techno was also a highlight of the night in the club room, developing and consolidating herself to the top of the techno scene during the pandemic. We were all waiting to hear their great productions in a club like Hï Ibiza. We were able to enjoy the set in a privileged place and we assure you that we will remember it for a long time.

For the closing of the Club room came the surprise, Paco Osuna was in the living room; cries of “Pacooo, Pacoo, Pacoo!!” could be heard. The DJ knows that he's at home and the public lets him know, always serious at the decks, he gave us a closing as it deserves, forceful techno so that when you finish dancing you go straight to sleep for not having stopped for a single second.

At the same time in the room Theatre with which we were alternating since it's impossible to be in two places at the same time and we are more underground techno. Black Coffee Already a resident years ago at Hï Ibiza, he delighted us with his freshest techno house and African rhythms that characterize him to join the Martinez Brothers at the end of his set in a b2b with which the room was filled to the brim. The session did not leave anyone indifferent as it contrasts with the more underground style of the Club room.

As the closing of the party, well into the morning Paco Osuna he took over the cstage to offer us his most techno house version in accordance with the style worn in the room. We were able to see the versatility of the DJ from whom we can clearly say that he has passed the game. A totally different record than the one that had delighted us shortly before.

In summary, Better Together will give a lot to talk about this season, it will be very difficult to match a line up with such big names. Ravers and DJs joined in one to enjoy an epic night for electronic culture after 2 years of hiatus due to the pandemic. We can only take our hat off to the great artists who passed through the booth for giving us an unforgettable day.