VEIL and NotLö launch "Exoplanet EP" at WAKAAN

VEIL is back at WAKAAN Records, this time with NotLö, in a couplet of songs dubbed "Exoplanet EP".

Rebecca Drylie-Perkins, the founding artist of the Record Label Street Ritual He stands out again with his new alias known as VEIL. This time she has decided to share her musical experience with NotLö, American artist, with whom he has released a small EP consisting of two songs of the darkest.

Together they launch «exoplanet EP» on the Record Label of the famous artist Liquid Stranger. WAKAAN welcomes again VEIL, some time after the premiere of Summon EP on October 27, 2020.

With this new EP, American artists show us their darker side. And it is that his love for him Heavy bass They have already shown it to us several times in their previous releases.

The first track on the EP is known as «exoplanet». The first part of the track shows us a fairly calm base with strong and dark sounds. As we get closer to the most active part of the song, rather more active rhythms appear with characteristics similar to that of the song. Trap and some of the most gloomy whispers. And we did not expect less from the union of these two artists.

The second theme, baptized as «Someday», maintains a structure similar to that of its predecessor. Starting with a rather choppy rhythm, the first drop rumbles just after the dry break that precedes it. With the forcefulness of the Trap with solid hits at every moment of the kick, this second track contains rhythms that are much slower than the previous one but maintaining the essence of darkness.

The union of both artists, VEIL y NotLö, has enhanced the quality that each one has separately. And it is that they have shown to have a high experience in terms of bass it means. That is why WAKAAN He has not hesitated for a second to incorporate them into his premieres. This is how you can score points to reach the top positions among the stamps of bass today.

To keep track of the two artists, we leave the Spotify of each one here (VEIL y NotLö). We also include the Soundcloud of Wakaan Records, who does not plan to stop surprising us with his wonderful signings.