Versa presents »The Pit» EP on DPMO

Versa presents the first release of the year with »The Pit EP» through the FuntCase label called DPMO.

As many of you already know, DPMO It is one of the labels that most supports lesser-known artists. That said, we have been able to discover great talents that we would never have imagined as Yakz, MVRDA or Akeos. Well this time it's the turn of Versa, one of the great promises of this label that shows us the first EP called »The Pit».

The artist Versa, announced on social networks that his EP was ready, in addition to specifying the exact date, January 27. And not only that, but he showed us a preview with one of the songs from his EP, called the pit. This song was great news for the dubstep audience, since it had been a ID during 2 years and its premiere has become a reality.

The Pit EP It consists of 4 songs. First of all we have Basics, a theme where we can observe a combination of riddim and the artist's own sounds that make our heads explode. On the other hand we have the aforementioned topic, the pit, which has had support since before its launch, which speaks for itself. It is a dubstep song characteristic for that powerful drop and those bass that make us hallucinate with this track.

If we could describe the next topic in one word, it would be destruction. Well yes, we are talking about Printer Jam, a subject that has surprised due to the various opinions and comments that have been made due to the similar style to Marauda, ​​who wants to hear it live? Last we have "Genesis" together with Moley, a Hungarian artist we have seen him participate in labels such as Black Label y Disciple Round table. In addition, he is an artist who stands out for his aggressive dubstep and with this track he has shown it to us again. The union of these two great promises has made us put our hands on our heads.

It is now available »The Pit» EP , on all digital music platforms.