Virtual Riot & Modestep release "This Could Be Us" With Frank Zummo

Virtual Riot & Modestep release one of their most desired collaborations called "This Could Be Us" with Frank Zummo on Disciple Records.

One of the most anticipated productions for more than a year sees the light through Disciple Records. In recent days, the dj and producer known professionally as Virtual Riot, posted a photo on social media, encouraging fans.

In recent months, the producer collaborated with his friend Barely Alive at the release of Head To Head Vol. 2, but the fans wanted more. One of the songs that has been most loved by the great artist is This Could Be Us, in collaboration with Modestep. It is one of the songs most desired by all fans for more than a year, and finally sees the light, after a long wait. Best of all, this is just the beginning of what is to come, as there is still music from Virtual Riot to show during the year.

Virtual Riot, Modestep, Frank Zummo, This Could Be Us, Disciple Records

In the last months, Virtual Riot has been on everyone's lips, either for its unfinished remix to Zedd, or his next remix to ILENIUM for the album Fallen Embers. Also, he and his friend Modestep, have had a presence in several live events such as Forbidden Kingdom, among many others.

This new song is accompanied by Frank zummo, drummer of Sum 41. It has been played in a great multitude of live broadcasts throughout the past year. The combination between Virtual Riot & Modestep, it is explosive. The lyrics are catchy and the proof of this is that it has not yet been taken out of our heads, like the melody, after so long.

We are still looking forward to the album of Virtual Riot, but no one knows when it will be released, as well as if his collaboration with Skrillex. Listen to the long-awaited song of Virtual Riot, Modestep & Frank Zummo called This Could Be Us through Disciple Records.

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