Virtual Riot releases his album "Simulation" on Disciple Records

Artist Virtual Riot releases his third studio album "Simulation" consisting of a total of sixteen productions on Disciple Records.

One of the most anticipated jobs in recent months finally sees the light through Disciple Records. Producer Christian Valentin Brunn, better known as Virtual Riot, reveals their third full-length studio album under the name of Simulation.

It was one of the projects that bass music fans longed for the most and after a long time, it becomes one of the best of the year. Between praise, Virtual Riot is consolidated with Simulation album, as one of the most perfected works of this 2021. With a total of sixteen musical pieces, Virtual Riot reveals his third studio album through record label Disciple Records.

Virtual Riot, Simulation

On September 10, 2021, it was revealed Simulation album on all digital platforms. On the same day the album was released, Virtual Riot was going to start his tour. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the release day performance at Hollywood Palladium has had to be postponed. A hard setback that neither the producer nor the fans expected, as it was going to be a great day for the release of the third album.

Even though the event did not take place, Virtual Riot was showered with admiration and praise, managing to cheer him up even if the performance didn't take place. The vast majority of bass music producers praised Virtual Riot, with messages like that he is always a thousand steps ahead of everyone, as far as production is concerned. It was not necessary to say much more than to name his name, in addition to giving back to many the illusion of hearing Dubstep.

The album runs from Login to Logout, entering a simulation that you will not want to escape, made up of 16 components. It maintains a sound design throughout the entire album that hooks the listener as much as possible on a radiant journey. Between the songs Simulation, REDLINE, Don't Worry, Get Away with I'm Loki, in sixth place we have CHROME, which was the second song he released before the full album. Later, productions such as So Sorry, Rewrite, Exile with The Kids, Touhou Riddim, Fork Funeral, and Back In Time & Dreaming, together with Angelika & Danyka Nadeau.

There is a secret collaboration in Simulation album which not all fans have been able to discover. Before reaching the Logout, ends with the most anticipated songs of the project as Neon Angel, in collaboration with LeKtriQue & Leah Culver, and This Could Be Us, together with Modestep & FRANK ZUMMO.

Listen to the third studio album by Virtual Riot under the name of Simulation through Disciple Records.

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