Wasted Penguinz presents "Sacrifice" at Dirty Workz

Pontuz Bergman, better known as Wasted Penguinz, reveals his new single "Sacrifice" on the Dirty Workz record label.

The fact that Wasted Penguinz is one of the greatest references of the Euphoric Hardstyle and Hardstyle everybody know this. Despite the dismissal of one of the members of the duo, Jon, the production of their songs has not decreased in quality. Again, Wasted Penguinz, he has surprised us with his new song Sacrifice. The track has been revealed through the Belgian record label Dirty Workz .

More than 10 years ago, in the 2009, a duo formed by Pontuz and Jon, arrived at the scene of the Hardstyle under the name of Wasted Penguinz. First of all, the Swedes were signed by the Dutch record label Scantraxx Records, where they released songs as well known as Stay Alive, Far from reality, Anxiety or perhaps his best known track: Melancholia. In 2013 they released one of their best albums titled wistfulness, followed by his second album Clarity.

Later in 2018 they presented their third album Elysian, in which you will find tracks as wonderful as Wide Awake or the so-called Evergreen. In 2020 The duo announced that Jon would be leaving the production of Hardstyle and since then Pontuz has not lowered the level of production, maintaining the notoriety and melodies of Wasted Penguinz. The artist surprised us this year with songs like I'm still here, Without You or the edit of FKN Alcoholics.

The song tells us a story, as its title says, of sacrifice to achieve personal improvement. From the first moment a very harmonic vocal guides us on the track, entering a typical melody of the artist, very elaborate and clean. The melody is joined by a harder-than-normal kickdrum, making it the song stands out from recent productions of the genre Euphoric Hardstyle. In conclusion, Sacrifice It is a great musical piece of the subgenre, in which the work that is hidden in the production studio has been noticed.

You can now enjoy Sacrifice, the new song of Wasted Penguinz, on all platforms, through DirtyWorkz.