WAVEDASH take you to «World Famous Tour», their debut album

WAVEDASH release the long-awaited debut album "World Famous Tour" comprised of a total of twelve productions through GUD VIBRATIONS.

There are times when we want something but we see it so far that sometimes it seems that it will never get there. Days go by and you see that it has not yet arrived, because everything in life has a process. And during this process external agents or events can interfere that delay what you want so much. But in the end, when you have achieved it, when that long process that you have worked so hard for becomes a reality, you don't believe it. It is the end, the journey so long that you have been investing time of your life and sacrificing everything. So that the result is what you want and that others also enjoy it. This is the process, the journey that we have been waiting for so long to board and the day has come. WAVESASH lead us to world famous tour; the debut album of Gavin, Luke & Michael.


The album has been supported from beginning to end by Porter Robinson, SLANDER & NGHTMRE. These last two mostly for throwing themselves through GUD VIBRATIONS but anyway, you have the support of world-class artists. Not only that, but also for UKFMore the premiere of some of the productions that make up the album has been held. It is not just any day, today April 2, 2021, WAVESASH release their debut album.

A total of 12 productions they are part of this long awaited solid project. In which each and every one of the pieces fit together perfectly. The foot to the album is given with find yourself, between melodies and resonant basses, next to high notes of piano. Which little by little are transformed into more and more resounding and pressed basses, introducing you fully into the trip. Later they immerse you in dummo loop, which was the first production they presented of the album and UKFMore they made the premiere. Third we find Satin cash, where the instrumental plays a fundamental role with a fascinating and warm melody. The ephemeral vowels are capable of transferring you, together with the melodic bass sound design, to an inner world of peace.

The fourth production is the last they released before the album, Lemon nades. In the fifth piece they show the most experimental side so far with ultra cover. They use a very good combination of resonant sounds, short vocals and distorted bass, giving an impetus to raise the heartbeat of the listener. Suspense coupled with nostalgia take over the album with Left Behind, even breaking our hearts through the piano. To be the connecting link between Stallions and the amazing singer-songwriter fknsyd. Without getting too far from the previous feelings, twist the depths of your interior with Don't fight it with Wylie hopkins. Being one of the most emotional productions and having slight Drum 'N Bass sensibilities.

We are nearing the end of the journey and more and more artists are reaching inside you. This time with void; Reciprocate, Love, in an introduction to soften you and later break you into thousands of pieces. The transition is frankly spectacular and move to those influences that remind us to a great extent of Virtual Self. But not everything ends there, but after the great resonant basses they return to a transition to break you into a thousand pieces, between the vowels and the drop in rhythms. Possibly the best production of the album, in terms of design, background and what they wanted to capture through the song. The tenth song is SLANDER's favorite, By Any Means. Accelerating the pulsations greatly to the point of hatching by transmitting it through a road.

Penultimate production; suspense and distortion. This is how producers introduce Hold still. As you go you can feel the feeling of a new era until you reach the vowels and find an aura of peace and nostalgia. Melodies that inspire you to daydream and imagine everything you propose through harmonies. Finally, the end of the trip, the end of the World Famous Tour with Shi (f) t, it had to be big. Glorious sound design and victory-based melodies push you to feel happiness at its best. That it is the end of something does not mean that it is bad, but a conclusion of joy, storm and above all, of a job well done.

This has been the journey, in dark times, WAVEDASH takes you on a journey of no return through world famous tour, her debut album.

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