Weska presents his "Meru EP" through Factory 93 Records

Techno DJ and producer Weska marks Factory 93 Records' second release with a powerful three-track EP, titled "Meru EP"

Born in Toronto, the producer Weska has become a household name in the world of techno modern. In addition to producing music, he enjoys everything from snowboarding to skating, which is actually how he discovered electronic music. Unlike most producers within the genre, Weska He discovered this style of music by watching extreme sports videos, and he hasn't stopped ever since. He began to be inspired by the progressive and melodic sounds of Eric Prydz, deadmau5 y Steve Angelo, and now he has gone the way of techno with a darker appearance to its sound.

I think techno will always be around. The reason it's done so well and other genres have perhaps faded, is that for techno you just need a good kick, but for real. It's almost tribal or ceremonial - dancing around a fire just to the beat of a drum. That's what techno is, a consistent rhythm. These other genres, there's a time and a place for them, but they can get tiring, sonically but also taste-wise.


Now based in Berlin, Weska he has made a great name for himself. Although he maintains the sounds of his original inspirations, his style has been taken to a darker and more underground approach. It took off in 2015 while gaining the support of Adam Beyer live from Space Ibiza, which eventually led him to release his theme Alpha rhythm in the famous compilation A-Sides, Vol. 8 de Beyer en Drumcode Records. With Drumcode, Weska has released music on other powerful techno labels such as Odd Recordings, Suara, kraftek, and now you can add Factory 93 Records to your huge list.

Su Meru EP en Factory 93 Records marks his first release on the sub-label of Insomniac, and it's awesome. His three tracks Meru, Drift y Let me go perfectly represent your characteristic sound; a mix of melodic elements mixed with a harder and more “traditional” techno sound.

Weska, Meru EP, Factory 93

The EP of Weska fits very well on the new (but very powerful) seal of Factory 93. He does not present the project with his first track, Meru, which is the perfect introduction to any techno EP. Its constant rhythm and hypnotic atmospheres make it fit perfectly in a disco environment; we are convinced that it will be played in many sets this year.

Then introduces us Drift, which has a much darker focus. The first notable aspect of the song is its heavy and deep kick, which helps guide us through the adventure that is Drift. If the first one was hypnotic, this is five times more. That heavy baseline combined with her mesmerizing female voice will likely leave you in a trance.

Weska reduces energy a little when you conclude your EP with Let me go. Unlike the traditional drum pattern of techno 4 by 4 containing the first two tracks, Let me go offers us a different side of the genre: breakbeat. At just three minutes in length, the track's "broken" drum pattern gives it a slower, quieter feel, giving the listener a chance to soften and reflect. In other words, Weska could not have concluded his EP better than with Let me go.

We are very excited to see what Weska has in store for us in the future. Listen to Meru EP on Spotify, now available on all digital platforms.