William Black & Fairlane are "Broken"

William Black & Fairlane collaborate for the release of their expected production under the name "Broken" through Lowly.

All the fans are waiting for the sophomore studio album from William Black, and less and less is missing. The wish of all the producer's fans is closer than ever to become one of the best albums of the year. Meanwhile, we once again have a new and highly anticipated production of him, together with Fairlane.

Recently William Black was in the debut edition of the new festival of Insomniac Events Lost In Dreams, where he premiered new music, in addition to participating in the Festival Compilation. It is having a great year at the event level, despite recent festival cancellations, and it continues to be talked about. He will be present at events such as EDC Las Vegas & Orlando, BOOO! Halloween Seattle, Escape Halloween & nocturnal wonderland.

During the year it has had great releases such as Deep End, Remedy, Only One I Need, besides Shadow. One of the most anticipated songs by William Black, was the one that premiered during his first event after the pandemic, being a collaboration with Fairlane. After several weeks, they release Broken through lowly.

William Black, Fairlane, Broken, Lowly

It is not surprising to see them together, as they have already collaborated on one occasion in the production Butterflies. Besides that Fairlane remixed one of the great productions of William Black, collaboration with SLANDER back to u through Gud Vibrations.

On this very day Fairlane also has another release, remixing the production Try from the second album of MitiS Lost, through the record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records. Also in his last appearances, he collaborated with Crystal Skies & Micah Martin, for the release of All to you through Lost In Dreams.

Both the vowel and the lyric in Broken, has a fundamental role, as it is one of the strong points of production. The soundscapes they create William Black & Fairlane make even the strongest hearts break into thousands of pieces, before a great fall of melodic drops. After having scattered all those thousands of pieces, they penetrate the depths of you, using heartbreaking chords to feel multiple sensations.

Listen to the new collaboration between William Black & Fairlane called Broken through lowly.

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