William Black releases his long-awaited sophomore album "Pieces"

William Black reveals his sophomore studio album "Pieces" comprised of a total of thirteen productions through Lowly.

The project that thousands of fans waited so eagerly for, has finally landed through lowly. The wait has been long but the producer's sophomore album William Black called Pieces, composed of a total of thirteen productions is now available.

The first song was premiered in one of the best shows of the year, when the world was still under restrictions due to the pandemic. In january MitiS held his own Park 'N Rave with Insomniac Events, for the releases of his production Try, together with RORY, from his sophomore album Lost through Ophelia Records. That night closed with a production that was going to come out in February under the name of Deep End.

After that day, the rest has been history and he has done nothing but carry on until releasing his second studio album. A new body that will mark a before and after, and that will be the place where fans will go to heal the soul.

William Black, Pieces

Like a puzzle of a thousand pieces that all fit the first time after having tried it many times. The first song couldn't start better than with the incredible Dia Frampton, to offer Haven, following the production Broken with Fairlane, premiered on the first in-person show in months for William Black. In the third musical composition appears Leslie Powell, through guitar chords, placing Pieces in a spectral and dramatic setting, little by little tearing the heart.

Next, one of the songs most anticipated by all the fans, being the collaboration with HALIENE & Thomas Laurent, creating Only One I Need. Appearing later Forester, for the release of Need You Now, sliding through different chords, achieving a more positive atmosphere, approaching well-being. The sixth musical piece Remedyis an emotional work of art, for people when they manage to free themselves from the shadow that terrifies them due to anxiety and depression. Next to Annie Schindel, they manage to infuse hope and positive energy fully into the song.

There couldn't be a better person other than amidy, to appear on the sophomore album Pieces. William Black recruits one of the best songwriters today to create Closer than you. Nor could the singer-songwriter of the moment be absent, RORY. The chords come back louder than before, before a voice unmatched for Only reason, marking one of the most profound messages of Pieces. The day of the album's release, it was the best that William Black had in a long time. He clarified that this production is about the day he almost died before he was sober almost nine years ago.

Coming almost to the end of this emotional journey, continue with Shadow with skeez, song he revealed after his performance in Lollapalooza. We remember again that night of the Park 'N Rave with the musical piece Worth It, which premiered in collaboration with nurko & essenger. The singer-songwriter Annie Schindel, makes an appearance for the second time in production Real Life , this time with a more heartbreaking aura, getting great prominence on the album.

Possibly the best, and if not the best of Pieces. The first production he released of the album was Deep End, as an escape route when anxiety drowns you and depression prevents you from finding the solution. This song is very personal to William Black, which tries to seek help when depression takes over. It is a reminder that we are not a burden to the people who love us. He hopes it helps show other people that we are not alone, no matter how dark it may seem.

The closing of the album had to be in style and recruits one of the outstanding singer-songwriters in the industry, RUN. A perfect finishing touch to fit the last piece of the album, with the song eyes closed. A home to turn to when the most sinister shadows take over. Pieces can help you find the light you need to find your way out when all you see is darkness. Enjoy the sophomore album of William black pieces through lowly, now available on all platforms.

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