Wooli & Trivecta light up the sky with Scott Stapp on Ophelia Records

Wooli & Trivecta join forces with Scott Stapp for the release of their new production "Light Up The Sky" via Ophelia Records.

The record label of Seven Lions continues to maintain a high standard, with a great deal of quality music on a weekly basis. Two of the most beloved producers of Ophelia Recordsin addition to the electronic music scene Wooly & Trivecta, come together to release a very special production: Light Up The Sky.

In the last days, Wooly announced his expected Destination Tours, in addition to making his return to Ophelia Records with the release of production Crazy, in collaboration with codeco & Casey Cook. And of course, he was present at the hundredth release of the record label of Seven Lions, to finally release the mega collab Pantheon.

They present the song Light Up The Sky, the artists Wooly & Trivecta, collaborating once more. It is not the first time they have joined forces, because in previous times we have seen how devastating they can be. For this occasion they recruit Scott Stapp from Creed: one of the most iconic figures in Rock.

The song Light Up The Sky contains the perfect ingredients to get you excited and revolutionize your heartbeat slowly until it shoots up. They open with high-pitched piano notes over cinematic landscapes, creating a gripping musical composition, leaving nothing up their sleeve. The prodigious voice of Scott Stapp soars as they add melodic and heartbreaking synths, cracking the listener's soul, providing fans with multiple genres.

An unexpected and necessary collaboration to continue maintaining a radiant level, both in the professional career of Wooly & Trivecta, as in the record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records. Listen to the song on all platforms with Scott Stapp, under the name of Light Up The Sky.

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