Xavi releases Home No Longer: his debut EP on Ophelia Records

Xavi returns to the Seven Lions Ophelia Records label for the release of "Home No Longer" EP.

Entering through the front door is something that Xavi has been doing well. Last December 2020, he appeared to unlock the first song of the debut album under the name of neverless. And after The Warmth Of Known, the rest was history with To The Endless Searing Skies, through the record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records.

In addition to the release of the full-length album, he received three remixes for To The Endless Searing Skies by yitaku, acloudyskye & outwild. He's even had official remix releases like Don't Wanna Fall by Seven Lions, Last Heroes & HALIENE, and Shadows by Seven Lions, Wooly & amidy.

The new project he presents is Home No Longer, the debut EP of five productions in Ophelia Records. Writing, singing and producing all the tracks on the EP himself, Xavi combines his distinctive and intricate sound design with powerful soundscape-driven melodies. The first song he revealed was Our Painted Sky, and now it follow Oblivion Song, Sacred Task, Sad Spring & Hoist It Up,

The EP arrives while on his first official tour, supporting Seven Lions on the tour Pantheon in the most important places of his career. His first performance at a major music festival was at the takeover of nocturnal wonderland. Listen to the new on all platforms Home No Longer EP from the famous producer Xavi.

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