Xavi Releases "The Warmth Of Known" On Ophelia Records

Xavi releases the second production of his long-awaited debut album, "To The Endless Searing Skies", called "The Warmth Of Known".

The seal of Seven Lions has started the 2021 fitter than ever, ending the first month of the year with four releases. Ophelia Records opened with the return of MitiS, together with RORY en Try. The ascent to Olympus with Twilight Of The Gods de Trivecta. The remix of Seven Lions a Rush over me to 1999 EP. And they close the first month of the year with one of the young promises.

Without a doubt the new artist of the label, called Xavi, it has won the affection of many of the Record Label's followers. At a young age, the artist is approaching the release of his debut album called "To The Endless Searing Skies". The first production arrived in early December 2020 with neverless and he was also in charge of carrying out Ophelia's Odyssey Episode 9.


The artist is now in charge of closing the first month of the year in Ophelia Records with his second production called «The Warmth Of Known«. In the previous release we mentioned that it had sensitivities of Porter Robinson and in this new one he shows it even more. Xavi has known how to develop a single sound, establishing different concepts with similarities in all of them. The structure of each song is governed by melodies y energetic drops, making famous use of synthesizers. Weaving a beautiful instrumental, like the voices as you can see in this second single.

The track begins as the end of something, with a later pausa for you to enter the new adventure and day, accompanied with the musical journey. Create a warm atmosphere with an ascendant rhythm and unexpected, making you feel as if you are safe, as if the evil has ended. The warmth of the known, as the title of the track indicates, are the thousands of emotions that it makes you feel through the production.

This song is you Home, you refuge and Xavi's debut album will be you safe place where you will always find the warmth of the known. You can listen to the artist's second track on all digital platforms.

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