Xavi takes us «To The Endless Searing Skies» on his debut album

Xavi releases the long awaited debut album called "To The Endless Searing Skies" consisting of a total of ten songs on Ophelia Records.

After a long and long-awaited wait, since a producer stood out in Advent Vol.2 Ophelia Records, a range of career opportunities opens up to him. Xavi he got thousands of people interested in all the musical repertoire that he had kept at his early age. Announcing on November 30, 2020 the first single from the debut album that would arrive on December 4 called neverless.

With the release of the first single, the producer had the opportunity to perform episode number 9 of Ophelia's Odyssey. The growth he was having throughout those weeks was unstoppable, until he also had the opportunity to participate in VISIONS 7.

At the end of January 2021, the long-awaited album was closer to seeing the light and Xavi offered the second release with The Warmth Of Known. Making the imminent arrival of the debut, he surprised all the followers with the performance at the residence of Jason RossThe Atlas. With more than 15.000 viewers watching the young artist's performance, he presented the release of his remix to Don't Wanna Fall by Seven Lions, Last Heroes & HALIENE.

With a countdown in four steps through social networks from February 24. Clarifying the artist that he had never felt he had a voice in music and that all the time he has been doing it he has been trying to what to say and how to do it. Researching what he wanted, making a collective idea, something that represented more to him than he ever felt he had done. For the first time he sang, both metaphorically and physically, his album is his self-portrait. And what is coming ... «To The Endless Searing Skies«.


A solid body of more than 10.000 pieces consolidated through 10 songs, fitting all these to perfection. An album that conveys the satisfaction and atmosphere of euphoria when you achieve a goal and radiate happiness to everyone. It is well-being and joy, this album is the awakening of a new day, of a new era.

This album feels like a thesis, something I've made to not only prove myself to others but to myself. It's easily the most proud I've ever been of any of the music I've created, and I think it will be extremely easy to see why.


Via "Memories, Lost To The Infinite»Begins the outward journey from which you won't want to return. An introduction transmitting comfort fundamentals, as if you were in your comfort zone, where you feel safe. Immersing yourself in «neverless«, Both productions being united. Making you feel if sweat, blood and tears will take you to the place where you want to be. Letting the melodies flow and being constant keeping the tension on the track and taking you to where you really want to be you.

Thirdly, it elevates us to another world where everything happens randomly through «Random Acts Of Collision«. A sound design different from the first two productions, where he establishes two unique concepts. Transmitting intrigue and nostalgia on the other hand, creating an attraction with the piano and bass, to culminate with deep sounds. Then it immerses us in «Accept The Inevitable«, Between melodies and a pleasant sensation fusing it with the piano.

The fifth reference is «Our Language»Surprising the listener again during the three minutes of the session. The vowel, as it has been demonstrating so far, is a strong point, together with the unexpected and energetic drops that accompany it. What makes each song a different experience, different moods. In "Losing Faith»Shows another darker facet that reflects loss and pain, feeling the heart shrink as the song progresses. Maintaining a constant tension, distorted and with sensitivities of downtempo. Fitting some ups-downs, to the point that your interior explodes, like that sore throat before crying.

Each piece of the album is a new listening experience and in «Ave Maria»We experienced the faith we lost on the previous track. In this new production he returns well-being and awakening as when we started. More pleasant vocals and melodies that invite you to move forward, culminating as usual with a piano, raising strength and self-confidence. In the final stretch of the album we have «In Vacuum«, In which the producer introduces sounds as if it were a countdown, later introducing the vowel and the piano. Making the production, art for the ears, in a heartbreaking and emotional drop. Making a sudden descent as you have been experiencing to bring us back to the top, To infinity. Ending with the sound of the sea, just as the track began.

Every beginning has an end and should not be bad for that. Xavi offers the penultimate production of the album under the name of «Sadak (In Search Of The Waters)»In which it transmits more than emotions, it transmits spiritual energy for which people shine. An experience not suitable for soft hearts. With vowels that reach the depths of your soul before the melodies that go deep to the depths of your interior. Performing a pausa between low y treble piano notes, bankrupt all the schemes with the return of lyrical breakers and a build up amazing to pierce your subconscious.

Last but not least and what is probably the song with the most background, «The Warmth Of Known«. The end of the trip that you did not know you were going to board but from which you will not want to return. The warmth that this song produces is the tranquility that something or someone can produce. It is closing your eyes and knowing that you are at peace, it is opening your eyes and knowing that you have stability, it is your home. It is being at peace with yourself.

The album that no one knew he needed but absolutely needed to be released. This has been the musical journey of Xavi, which has led us «To Endless Searing Skies«.

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