Xavi's "To The Endless Searing Skies" receives 4 remixes

Xavi's debut album "To The Endless Searing Skies" released on the Seven Lions Ophelia Records label, receives 4 remixes.

Months ago, a young producer made an appearance on Advent Vol. XNUMXfrom the record label of Seven Lionsand caught everyone's attention. Weeks after that, he released his first single called Nerverless on Ophelia Records, which would be part of his debut album. Xavikept echoing in the electronic music scene and was part of Ophelia's Odyssey with a Mix. In addition to participating in the last broadcast of the year of the seal in VISIONS XNUMX.

Little by little, more people wanted to continue listening to new music from the producer, because the sound design he has is incredible. At the end of January 2021, he released the second song of the debut album with The Warmth Of Known and having the opportunity to remix officially Don't Wanna Fall. The dj and producer Jason Ross, invited him to his program Atlas, obtaining more than 15.000 viewers during its broadcast.

The wait was long and of course more than deserved, well To The Endless Searing Skies comprised of ten songs, it exceeded expectations. A debut album as if he had been producing for years and did not weigh any of the songs created at his young age, simply a genius. A month after such a work of art that left no one indifferent, four remixes arrive on the album.

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Of ten songs that make up the album, there are only four remixes and one of them is by the same creator, Xavi. Those responsible who have had the opportunity to create an official remix have been yitaku, acloudyskye & outwild to three songs.

The first remix comes from yitaku to The Warmth Of Known, being also one of the best productions of the album, which is very well defined and detailed. The twist used gives it even more euphoria than the original, a more cheerful and fun vision, at the same time energetic, even more danceable. On the other hand we have acloudyskye & Outwild remixing the same song, Our Languish. Acloudyskye It has been able to offer a vision by expanding the speed and transmitting different sensations, but without departing from the purity of the original. Outwild he has chosen to add toughness to the bass line with great midtempo influences, making something upbeat, fierce. The vision that he has wanted to offer to what we had with euphoria is very good and that he has not left it aside either.

Lastly, Xavi he has also wanted to remix one of his own productions and has wanted to do it at neverless. The amount of unreleased remixes that the young producer has and probably none of them see the light, as he clarified long ago, is fascinating. Go for sounds that might be perfect for a warehouse rave. The original conveys a more calming atmosphere to heal the soul, and this vision takes his squarely to any setting.

Xavi's musical career has only just begun and he already has the support of big names in the electronic music industry. You can listen to his debut album, as well as remixes to To The Endless Searing Skies by yitaku, acloudyskye & outwild , on all digital music platforms.

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