yetep «Broken» Subsidia Records with the EP

yetep releases «Broken» EP composed of 5 songs through Subsidia Records after the release of "Running After Us".

Plans Subsidia Records this year is being a joy for all fans of the new Excision label. Unexpected releases coupled with massive compilations that generates excitement, and also with the continuous support of less recognized artists.

In early 2021, apart from the launch of Dawn Vol.2 y Night Vol.3, Excision and Sullivan King appeared to unlock a collaboration called Unbound and two days later it would end up compiled in To The Grave EP by Keaton. A really good move to keep the fans waiting with new releases and to continue supporting the scene.

On this occasion, the same play has been seen again with a different artist and of course, he deserved it so much. The dj and producer yetep, participated in the two massive compilations of Dawn, remembering that this volume focuses on the Melodic bass. In both appearances, he was one of the artists that the public liked the most and for that very reason, he deserved a solo release, this being a collaboration with Nick ledesma y exceeds called Running After Us. Repeating the same play with Sullivan King, the producer has the opportunity to release an EP through the label.

yetep offers three new productions without including the first release of the debut of Subsidia Records with GLNNA called Worlds away. In the first place it presents «Align" beside KLAXX, doing an incredible job, completely changing the design of the previous productions in harder sounds joined to the melodies and the piano that yetep usually provide. As we have previously mentioned and talked about, «Running After Us" beside Nick Ledesma & Exede, like "Let you go" with GhostDragon & Exede doubly, they are compiled in Broken EP.

We again have the appearance of KLAXX in the production called «Sacrifice«, Once again showing the producers the great team they form. The second parts can be good if there is a rapport and a good working atmosphere and this time they focus more on melodic sounds, together with a more accelerated drop concept, increasing the pulsations. Finally we have the track of the song title, next to juuku & ja ¥ in x district. The vocal has a lot of influence throughout the track, in addition to the build-up and the drop mix heavy sounds y melodic.

As we always say, the year of Subsidia Records It has only just started and in mid-February they have launched a significant number of productions. Supporting producers who previously would not have thought they would have the opportunity to release through a label. Keeping the scene alive is necessary in these times and they, along with many other labels, are doing it. Enjoy the new EP of yetep , on all digital music platforms.

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