yetep, Nick Ledesma & Exede launch "Running After Us"

yetep, Nick Ledesma & Exede collaborate together in a production called "Running After Us" through Subsidia Records.

The Excision seal continues to work at the beginning of the year and has been in existence for less than six months. Subsidia Records has released massive compilations supporting all the artists of the Bass genre, incredibly encouraging the listening of all of them. Without going any further, so far in 2021, the new EP by Sullivan King called It's The Grave, in addition to completing the second parts of Night y Dusk with Dawn. And starting the third volume of Night.

When Jeff introduced the label, one of the artists they liked the most to be released was hands down yetep. The producer had the opportunity to launch a production on Dawn, under the name Worlds away with GLNNA. Impressing all listeners he reappeared in the second part with Let you go, together with Ghostdragon y exceeds. It is not for less that the artist now has the opportunity to have a solo release, without being accompanied by a massive compilation.

Presents in Subsidia Records the new production called «Running After Us«, Working once more with exceeds but collaborating with Nick ledesma. If by announcing the song you already anticipate that the adventure has only just begun and that it has more to teach the followers, it makes our hair stand on end. The producer Nick ledesma contributes valuable work, in which the previous collaboration is not made monotonous, for the simple fact that exceeds include the vowel again. The synths are completely different and make the listener float once again as if the drops were a cascade of emotions.

If this is just the beginning, we can't wait any longer to find out what else you have on your hands. yetep. Meanwhile you can listen to the new collaboration on all digital platforms.

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