yetep debuts with "Call It Quits" on Ophelia Records with Squired & Danni Carra

yetep debuts on Ophelia Records alongside Squired & Danni Carra for the release of their collaboration "Call It Quits."

To this day, the record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records continues to establish itself as one of the best of the year. During 2021, they have provided emerging talents offering more than satisfactory results. Among them, one of the most prominent figures such as Xavi at the launch of his debut album To The Endless Searing Skies. Recently, new names to make an appearance in Ophelia Records, apart from in Advent, have been STAR SEEDS with the song Ultraviolet. Plus Blanke on his first solo-track with Dia Frampton in the production Spark.

The new artist to make his first appearance on the record label of Seven Lions is the producer known as yetep. He was one of the artists who stood out the most when Excision announced his own record label Subsidia Records. At the beginning of the year he toasted with his Broken EP composed of five productions, among them Running After Us. As one of the most specialized artists in melodic bass music, he has the opportunity to make another mark on his musical repertoire.

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The name of the song Call It Quits and collaborates with the producer squired and with the singer-songwriter Danni Carra. Squired has emerged as a talent determined to push the limits and in his short career, he has released through Ultra Music, Proximity Recordings and Elysian Records. Danni is not the first time she has made an appearance, as she already showed what she is capable of in one of the best melodic projects of the year on the album of MitiS Lost with the song Without Me. It is the first time that they collaborate with yetep, but not between them, as was already seen in Hurt again.

As soon as the track begins, it infuses an atmosphere full of suspense, as if a new adventure in the mists were about to begin. The composition of the song draws a lot of first-hand attention, in which it delves into the depths of itself without you noticing. Little by little your soul is set on fire with the vocal interpretation of Danni Carra until reaching a fall influenced in the trap. They achieve an overwhelming melodic combination and above all, a new sound design in Ophelia Records.

Impressive the musical repertoire that is getting during the year Ophelia Records. The protagonists of this week, yetep, Squired & Danni Carra, they leave a huge piece titled Call It Quits, now available on all platforms.

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