YOOKiE presents FiSSiON EP on Subsidia Records

YOOKiE surprise release of their new album FiSSiON EP through Excision's new label, Subsidia Records.

If we look back a few weeks, when Excision presented during Couch Lands, your new seal Subsidia Records. The second day was a Takeover of said seal. One of the most anticipated Sets and that I was going to have 17 unreleased songs, it was the duo set YOOKie. As soon as the Set begins, Twitter caught fire next to Twitch, being one of the Most commented live performances and what more views had.

Weeks after the launch of 118 songs divided into Dawn, Dusk y Night, YOOKie launch their new work through Subsidia Records, FiSSiON EP.

An EP composed of 6 songs in which they include their latest release on Subsidia Records, NUCLEAR. The second song is «NFS»Where Trap and Dubstep combine, as in«VOICES" and "SiCK«, Being one of the most aggressive productions they have made. The last two songs are collaborations with qoiet y Code: Pandorum, called «SHEEP" and "NOT ANOTHER MOSH PiT SONG»Respectively. Both are the hardest songs on the EP, especially the collaboration with Code: Pandorum y Adam stone, where the aggressiveness of FISSION.

Can you hear now FiSSiON EP de YOOKie on all music platforms.

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