Zamna Tulum dressed up to receive Marco Carola

Zamna Tulum welcomes artists of the stature of Marco Carola, Patrice Bäumel, Saraga and Leonardo in the heart of the jungle.

A year has passed since our last chronicle of an event of this magnitude. Words are written on their own, since describe the experience in such an amazing place it's pretty easy. Since March 7, 2020 (counting some event with limited capacity) we have not experienced an event like this. The atmosphere that surrounds Tulum is magical. It grabs you and turns you into one of the jungle located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.


For the past few years, it has been one of those experiences noted on the event list those to assist in the future. Sadly, this year you had to adapt to the current situation minimizing the number of events, in addition to increasing safety and personal hygiene. Teleporting us to previous editions, it had a large number of events, as well as attendees from all over the world. Despite this, it has reinvented itself and names like Marco Carola, Black Coffee or Sven Väth They have already played for the last few days.

Before talking about Marco Carola's event, highlight a point more than positive of the organization. Due to the arrival of attendees with a false statement from PCR, enabled checkpoints where each attendee could take a test before entering the event, since it was the indispensable condition to be able to attend. More in its favor, the price was cheap, which made it easier for people to take the test there.

Being our first time at Zamna Tulum, inexperience meant that we could not enjoy the warm-up by Leonardo. Arriving from Saraga, we warmed up and our heads were a year and a half ago. We were enjoying an event again! And in which place! The German Patrice Bäumel landed to transmit a good roll amazing without being too hard, a style that we are used to and we love. Received with shouts of "Patrice, Patrice!", had the support of all attendees in unison.

Finally, the main protagonist of the event entered the scene: Marco Carola. If Patrice had all the fans given up, what about Marco Carola. His set was more party-oriented Music On than the style he usually plays today. It does not sound risky to say that we liked this style of Italian much more.


Contrary to telling the experience, describing the feelings we had at that time is quite complicated. A unique experience, different and above all quite attractive to the eyes, which we hope to enjoy again with greater freedom next year. Thank the entire Zamna Tulum team for their good treatment and welcome, to whom we wish all the best during this and next months with the following events.

If you currently reside in Mexico, or want to travel from any other country to enjoy Zamna Tulum, check their website to be aware of all the events available in the coming days.