Zatox reveals his new alias "Kayo"

The Italian artist surprises us all and confirms that he has decided to start a new project related to techno.

Just a month ago, zatox he surprised us all with a new release. Bass & Acid was the name chosen for this new theme, which would be unmarked from the scene Hard, to bet in this way for a few more underground and acid sounds in the pure style of his compatriot T78, an expert in this genre.

After a month of unknowns as to why zatox decided to make a song of this type, the doubts have been resolved. Today we have been able to verify through their RRSS that the Italian artist is going to start a new project (not forgetting his current alias of Hard) with which you will focus on more underground sounds.

The name chosen for this new project is "Kayo" and for now, you already have a possible collab with his compatriot T78. If you don't want to lose sight of this new alias that Italian presents to us, you can follow him on social media, We can't wait to see what you have in store for us!